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A project is innovative only if it provides a new product or concept and if there is a market to buy it. Too many projects presented to private investors (Banks, Business angels, VC) or public investors (Calls for projects in France or Europe) have a deficient business model. This is the area in which Dev-Help is recognized for its competence. Our cabinet was called many times to work on this aspect, in particular for projects which are certified by the poles of competitiveness.

We also supported several SME in search for private funds and for a more forcefull business model.
Besides, Jean-Bernard Titz gives lectures and Master classes in Engineering schools at the University on the drafting of Business Models and Business Plans, which are different and complementary.




Once the Business Model is ready, it has to be incorporated into a Business Plan which is not just a board of figures!!! A BP is first and foremost a nice story which you have to tell your interlocutors with passion. It is the details of this story (markets, products sold, management team, type of sales force, etc.) that must be declined in figures in the final spreadsheet. Moreover, Dev-help participated in the labelling “Innovative Companies of the Poles”, implemented by the main French poles of competitiveness.

We can coach companies during 2 essential stages of the making of the business plan to be presented, for example, to potential investors:
1/The critical analysis and revision of all Powerpoint presentations already realized by the company before oral presentation to potential investors
2/Full coaching in the drafting of such presentations
3/Complementary coaching in the making of the full Business plan (Executive Summary and the project in full)
Jean-Bernard Titz shares his experience on the making of Business Models and Business Plans in Engineering school at Master level at the University.




A lot of companies started with good ideas, a good business model and a sales revenue in progress over the first years but then sales stagnated or even declined. It is because the market as well as purchasing behaviors and roads to market change. The Dev-Help cabinet can provide you with a quick 2 days-diagnosis and/or coach you on the evolution of your marketing strategy.


Help in the choice of the best « Road to Market »


The salesman is the crux of the matter for any company (commercial of course)! However, not only the hiring of talented sales staff matters. It is also important to bear in mind other “roads to market” which depend on your type of activity!
The usual reference is “an in-house salesman” who is an employee, a solution which can be costly but which may be the best solution in some cases.
You can also look for outsourcing your workforce to for retailers, for shops, partner and other “VAR”.
Specialized companies (most of the time self-employed people) can provide you their services and charge you upon sales results.
E-commerce, as well as TV-selling and of cours 2.0 web, are other channels to bear in mind.

Given its long experience in the use of these “roads to market”, Dev-Help can find the best solution for you  whether you are a large company, a SME or even very small enterprise.
We can even take part in the marketing of your product or your service, depending on your domain.
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