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Claude Bernard
Claude Bernard
“As part of a French Tech Côte d'Azur support, our startup GererMaBoite benefited from the sound advice and coaching in business development of Jean-Bernard TITZ. His support has allowed us to better structure our business approach and significantly strengthen our digital visibility.”
Annick Menard
Annick Menard
“Delv-Help and DEVEUM weaved a partnership for several years. This synergy allowed us to accompany companies through our respective expertises. For DEVEUM, Dev-Help puts into verse with professionalism, reactivity and expertise”
Benoit Lamouche
Benoit Lamouche
“Dev-Help was able to accompany us on various cases by concretizing the professionals exchanges / partnerships / business on the Sophipolitain Territory. The seriousness and mister Jean - Bernard Titz's professionalism are an essential asset in the development of the projects and the networks bound to the fabric entrepreneurial PACA(PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZUR), it is with a lot of pleasure to work with its structure.”
Evelyne Sorasio
Evelyne Sorasio
“The strength of DevHelp is to lean on a real network built on the confidence and the competence. Jean-Bernard Titz brings us a real coaching, councils and it is a tremendous start-up accelerator!”
Philippe Aigouy
Philippe Aigouy
For us JBT is a facilitator of exchanges, links and Business within Sophia Antipolis's high-tech city. For the season 1 of Lahun Project, he allowed us to meet professionals of the territory, what allowed to densify the panel of the partners / co-producers of this series as high as the image of Sophia-Antipolis.
Etienne Pavard
Etienne Pavard
“Dev-Help it is before all a networking. We were able to count on his experience and its listening skill to accompany our reflections around the usability of the web site or the development on mobile. Jean-Bernard allowed us to detect in the digital ecosystem PACA (PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZUR) some reliable and creative partners. He carries the concern of the presence of the brand with his public and we speak development of the company before speaking solution and ways.”
Laurent Duverger
Laurent Duverger
“I wanted to start my business but I did not know where to begin. Thanks to Dev-Help it became more clear. Dev-Help accompanied me in all my initiatives, and I was so able to build a good case for the bank, and to be objective in all my reflections. My project was born!”
Teresa Colombi
Teresa Colombi
“Dev-Help helped us not only to identify potential customers on high value-added markets but also to interest these prospects. They accompanied us in all the phases of the prospecting, the analysis of the need in the after-sales follow-up, in passing of course by the commercial presentation of the best offer. In addition to that, Dev-Help has a real expertise in the projects of innovation and on the available European helps to obtain budgets R*D”
Jean François Carrasco
Jean François Carrasco
“As responsible for the Valuation of the Innovation for the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, I was brought to start, to organize and to structure a project which afterward gave birth to the 1st Partnership Foundation that a French University carried within it. J-B Titz was at this crucial moment a resource of the most precious bringing its friendly external vision”
Sergio Loureiro
Sergio Loureiro
“Dev-Help helped me in my approach of fund raising. The feedback was constructive and very useful.”
Julien Roger
Julien Roger
“Dev-Help, by its experience and its wise counsels, has known how to accompany successfully Smartcom during a phase of critical transition.”
Luca Benevolo
Luca Benevolo
“Dev-Help was a quality partner during our phase of prospecting. In the listening and effective, Dev-Help quickly brought us interesting affairs and boosted our sales network in the region. We recommend his collaboration for the rising or looking structures has to spread their business”
Marc Pattinson
Marc Pattinson
“We often worked with Jean-Bernard and the Dev Help team and were always very satisfied with results and his contributions in particular in terms of his reactivity and the creativity of the solutions proposed as well as in the quality of the written records.”
Thomas Côte
Thomas Côte
“Start-up in full initiating, Wever was able to matter on the professionalism and the capacity of Jean Bernard Titz to facilitate opportunities of business. Accompaniment as flexible as successful by Dev-Help is a bonus and is a current and future tool for the development of our Start-up.”
Philippe Chemla
Philippe Chemla
“It is not easy for a SME to know which devices can help it in the growth. The network, the ideas, that is what Dev-Help brought to us. Or we would not have succeeded in our case of Credit Tax Looks for. Or we would never have presented a case Pacalabs. Dev-Help, it is effective !”
Xavier Leclerc
Xavier Leclerc
“Dev-Help allowed me, on the market of ' Privacy ' non-existent at that time, to structure my offer, to make it ' audible ' and all this put into practice then through a fruitful partnership.”

They trusted us :



AccèsCités creates an interactive solution in mobility, for the services of accompaniment of people in situation of handicap.
The main objective of AccèsCités is to fit out the accessibility
And the mobility for all.


ALUMNICE is a strong actor in the field of the occupational integration of the students and the graduates. ALUMNICE also suggests to all the members of the community staying in link, wherever that they are in the world and to build together their professional projects as staffs.


Amadeus connects the tourism industry to benefit from new business opportunities.

Amadeus supplies products and solutions to sell to the travelers, improve their experience and develop a solid commitment on behalf of your customers.


Bpifrance accompanies companies to see bigger and farther and to bring to the foreground the champions of tomorrow. 

Of the initiating up to the stock exchange quotation, the credit in stockholders’ equity, Bpifrance offers, in your region, solutions of financing adapted to every stage of the life of your company


The chamber is a body asked to represent the interests of the commercial, industrial and services companies of the Alpes-Maritimes and to bring them certain services. It is the public institution which manages equipments for the benefit of these companies.

As all the CCI, it is placed under the supervision of the prefect of the department representing the Ministry of Industry and the ministry in charge of SME, of the Trade and Crafts.


The training to Centrale Marseille is marked by the inheritance of the schools from which it arises and by the membership in the group of Écoles Centrales (French engineering schools). The educational organization is so centered on engineer’s training corresponding to a multidisciplinary education having authority to form non-specialized engineers.

The effective fusion and the acquired institutional stability allowed the school to commit from 2007 an in-depth reflection on the program of training.


Institutional body and real project manager of the tourist marketing of the destination, the CRT Riviera Côte d’Azur works in close collaboration with all the actors of the department, be them they are Elected, institutional or professional. Its intervention joins in a partnership logic so encouraging the creation of synergies and the networking of territories and tourist sectors of the department.


The interministerial Delegation in the town and country planning and in the regional attractiveness ( DATAR) is an old French administration asked to prepare the orientations and to implement the national policy of arrangement and development of territoire. It participates in particular in the application of the decisions stopped by the interministerial committee of arrangement and development of the territory ( CIADT).


Real cases, customers cases, innovations, mini-conferences, personalized diagnoses, demos produces … Because a demonstration is better than a long speech, DevCom will offer the possibility to the present companies on the exposure area to dramatize their stand to make a real zone of expertise for the leaders, the managers, commercial, the marketing manager. So, they can deepen their visit by selecting the demonstrations which they wish to attend.


The initiative EUREKA addresses the P.M.E. and supports international innovative projects to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe. France finances three actions within the framework of EUREKA: the support for the cooperative projects led by companies, the EUROSTARS program and the said strategic ” clusters ” initiatives.


Dev-Help represents for France, EUREKA network uniting 39 countries besides the European Community.


With its bottom-up approach, Eurostars supports the development of quickly marketable innovative products, processes and services which help to improve the everyday life of people of whole world. Eurostars was carefully designed to answer the specific needs for the SME. It is a first ideal stage in the international cooperation, what allows the small companies to combine and to share the expertise and the advantages to work beyond the national borders.


Gathered behind a unique candidacy, the entrepreneurs and the actors of the digital technology of Côte d’Azur(French Riviera) mobilize in Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Cannes, Grasse and beyond for the obtaining of the French Tech Label. The symbol of this unity is other than the hummingbird, blue as the azure. Attached to the beauty and to the esthetics of the places in which it lives, it wears the values of the azurean territory beside the national cock by representing the elegance and the joy of life.


THE IAE of Nice is a center of research and training in management adapted to the expectations of companies and public organizations.

Within the University, this Institute in the looks of business school has for mission to train the future executives in the methods of management of tomorrow.


By opening its first international bureau in Paris in 1914, IBM launched an adventure that lasts for more than 100 years and which will have seen a long list of technological evolutions: time clocks to punch cards, including the microcomputer and recently Watson.


The reputation of inno TSD has built throughout the last 25 years by working with actors of the public sector and the participants in all France (ministries, regional and general councils, conurbations, big research centers, etc.), but also in a strong international and European dimension. We propose solutions to complex problems in the field of the innovation and of the research.


THE IDRAC is a multi-Business school campus presents in Amiens, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris and Toulouse.


THE IESF, is a non-joint association and non-confessional, which aims to be representative in France and abroad engineers and scientists of France. It federates more than 160 associations of graduates and alumni of engineering schools and around thirty companies of engineers and scientists. The IESF counts more than 160 000 direct and indirect members, and represents 450 000 engineers and scientists.


THE ISEM – the most recent component of UNS (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis) – represents at present more than 3 000 students. Ideally situated on saint Jean d’ Angély’s campus, the institute trains level professionals License(Bachelor’s degree), Master’s degree and Doctorate in the domains of the Economy and the Management.


The international university of Monaco is a Monaco deprived university proposing programs of teaching of 1st and 2nd cycle in English.

The Master’s degree in Business administration of the IUM is accredited by the Association of MBAs and classified among 100 better to the world by the magazine The Economist.

IUP Tourism

THE IUP (PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE) Tourism proposes a program of 3 high-level years to train staff of supervision and management in the jobs by the tourism and by the leisure activities, with a profile valuing in particular the capacities of analysis, creativity, communication.


The name LudoTIC is the contraction of “playful”, ” ludoéducatif ” and “T.I.C”. (Information technology and Communication). It expresses a will to design for various fields of activity of the pleasant IHM (interfaces human-machines), even playful, what is a security of performance and optimal user experience


The skills of the Urban Community apply to the economic development, to the waste collection and its management, the transport, the housing, the management of the networks of drinking water, the purification, the public road network, road marking and car park, to the street lighting, the rainwater, the management of the marinas, the development and town planning, and systems of geographical information the school transport, the management of the zones of activity, and the promotion abroad of the territory and its economic activities.


The company, based in the high-tech city of Sophia-Antipolis, was known in the past by its technical expertise in particular to have launched among others successfully “Yslandia”, the very first real-time MMORPG on smartphone. The portability of the gaming having been the spearhead of its program of R*D since its creation, Moving Player puts its knowledge in the service of the independent developers today to help them to develop their mobile games or PC towards the portable consoles or of lounge.


Performance Consulting Group SARL ( PCG) SARL is an International Training office- Council and research, it operates on all the 21 French-speaking countries in the South Sahara.


In the intersection between the world of Telecoms and computing, Preceptel supplies to the companies of the businesses solutions, by benefiting from all the networks of communication (fixed, mobile, internet, satellite,…)


In 2016, PRO BTP plans to invest 50 M€ in the energy high-performance heavy construction or the renovation thanks to this fund.

With a target size of 100 M€, this fund is opened to a number limited of institutional investors. It will contribute to the financing of regional projects bound to the energy transition.


Strong of its human and geographical wealth, the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur prepares its future by favoring partnerships and opening.

Link between Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, the Region wishes the advent of a space of peace and prosperity really shared.


The world Pole of competitiveness SCS has a real ambition: become the key player and recognized in the field of the Communicating Secured Solutions by covering the whole value chain of the businesses by ICTS, from Silicon to applications


SecludIT addresses companies and more particularly suppliers IaaS and users SaaS. The start-up helps their customers to strengthen the safety of their infrastructures, the applications, the servers and the data. It benefits from a unique technology on the market of the security cloud called Elastic Vulnerability Assessment who analyzes your servers in a totally isolated environment.


After 23 years of existence, SKEMA decided to open its ESDHEM program which prepares the integration by the competitions of Admissions on Title ( AST) in the leading business schools on its Sophia Antipolis’s campus in association with the Higher institute of Economy and Management (ISEM, Faculty of economics and Management of the University Nice-Sophia Antipolis and UCA).


Smartcom develops software of wireless communication for all the big mobile platforms and the PC, for mobile phone operators and manufacturers of peripherals.


Swisslife is specialized in the personal insurance. It markets its insurance products on the official site. We find there essentially the insurances for private individuals: health insurance (collectively called “complementary health insurance”), life insurance, savings, pension, house insurance, car insurance, insurance leisure activities …

In June, 2011, it creates the first insurance which protects the reputation of the individuals on the Internet, Swisslife e-reputation


The peculiarity of Syntec Numérique, it is to be much more than a professional association: it is also the trade association which co-manages a collective agreement (agreement(convention) ” Syntec “). Syntec Numérique is thus one foot in the digital ecosystem and one foot in the “social”: training, apprenticeship and employment policy.


Created by the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, the Nice Côte d’Azur chamber of commerce and industry and the Metropolis Nice Côte d’Azur, Team Côte d’Azur has for vocation to promote the azurean territory on the international markets and to facilitate the presence of new, French or foreign companies, on its territory.


The association is structured in thematic commissions and projects, piloted by volunteers who federate m-tourism communities, Open source, Employment and Training, Entrepreneurship studying (Challenge Startups), Innovation, Agility-quality, Cloud and information security, rapid Prototyping, popularization of scientific and technical information (FabLab).


Tourism Awards aims at rewarding institutions and initiatives which, all over the world, show a real commitment for the creative tourism, the new generation tourism which invites the visitors to discover the local culture by participating in artistic and creative activities with the autochthons.

Universites de Nice

The Nice Sophia Antipolis university consists of eight faculties, an IUT, an IAE, a Polytechnics University as well as an ESPE. Since November 2008, the Observatory of Côte d’Azur(French Riviera) is connected with it.


All year round, the UPE06 took numerous positions to defend at best the interests of the business managers, to develop the company and move towards a new paradigm.