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Diagnosis e-tourism


Website, Androïd, IPad, augmented reality, interactive terminals, social networks …
Where are you now of the use of these technologies to attract and develop loyalty of your Tourist customers?
Dev-Help can help you to measure your level of use of ICTS(INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES) in the Tourism with 3 offers:




Description on request




In the continuation of the previous diagnosis, we can propose you a more elaborated diagnosis in priority domains for you.




In complement (or independently) to services presented previously we also can suggest making sensitive and training some of your teams in the use of ICTS(INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES) for the promotion of your organization.

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The Dev-Help cabinet is, for several years involved in the cross-fertilisation between ICTS(INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES) and e-Tourism being heart of numerous professional and technological networks such as:

  • The committee M-Tourism of Telecom Valley the organizer of which he is
  • The European consultative committee of EUREKA Tourism the representative of France of which he is
  • The tourism management of the European Commission
  • The Tourism committee of the UPE 06
  • The reflections and the forward planning of the urban community Nice Côte d’Azur in the Tourism
  • The classes in 5th year of university e-tourism at the University of Nice and with the professionals of the CRT Riviera Côte d’Azur.