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Technological Watch


The technology is the heart of the industrial activity and the competitiveness of countries passes by the innovation of their companies.

That is why all the industrial nations invest strongly in these domains and to follow all which takes place is there a heavy task!

Whether it is via our own contacts in France (Poles of competitiveness and other) or abroad (economic Missions etc.) or by means of partners specialized in certain domains or country (Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia, etc.) DEV-HELP can study your need for information and set up a technological watch adapted to your needs and this in 2 stages:

1/ The support on thought of types of relevant information for the development of the company, competition, technologies, etc.)

2/ The implementation of the watch in itself by the use of tools of type Google Alerts, RSS feeds and others typifies of recoverable information about WEB

On the other hand this service does not contain the supply of technological watch specialized tools that some of our partners can propose.


Introduction in the Competitiveness Clusters


Major elements of the policy of industrial competitiveness of France, the Poles of Competitiveness are not forcing very “readable”.

Nevertheless 71 poles, distributed throughout France according to their skills, have still allowed the financing of 1250 projects of R&D in 2008 for a global 940 million euros amount!

Let’s see what are these clusters.

The poles, based on existing skills and on Regional territories are established by companies (small, average and big), research laboratory and centre of teachings working in network to allow:

  • The Assembly of collaborative projects of “Research and development”
  • The mutualisation and the valuation of the skills
  • The submission of the “certified” projects with the national or regional authorities delivering financing via their calls for projects
  • The animation of the ecosystem via thematic events lounges or group
  • The visibility of the actors of the poles in particular SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE)Indeed, SME feel often forgotten but be aware that 83 % of companies involved in poles are SME 14 % of the ETI and 3 % of large companies?Dev-Help is involved in the competitiveness clusters since their launches in 2005 by helping:
  • In search of partners for assemblies of consortium
  • Accompaniment towards the labelling then the financing
  • By insisting strongly on the balance of consortiums and…

Preparation of financial dossiers of the Innovation


C.I.R, JEI, Competitiveness Clusters, PRIDES, FUI, DGCIS, OSEO, ANR, PCRD, EUREKA, Eurostars, PRCE, CIP, Business Angels, VC, etc. etc….
You are lost? It is unfortunately a little bit normal!
Responsible for the economic development of the pole of competitiveness SCS in its creation (soon 5 years!) then of thematic group, member of committees SMES etc…. Dev-Help acquired a knowledge and privileged contacts with the diverse parts helping in the financing of the innovation whether it is for the local, regional, national or European level.
We have, since then, accompanied with numerous companies in creation or already create in the research and the obtaining of this type of help with 2 initiatives:
1/ A ” diagnosis flash ” allowing to position these various helps compared with your situation of company and your projects to come
2/ An accompaniment in the assembly of the files for which you can postulate
All this, of course, has to be made with realism with regard to what you can obtain; no way to make you waste your time (and thus some money) in useless assemblies…

European innovation academy july 2014

Support to the file of competition of creation


Every beginning of year the Ministry of Research launches, with the support of OSEO the ” National Competition of business start-up assistance of innovative technologies “

The competition comes in 2 categories:

1. Projects ” in emergence “, endowed with 45 k€ (*) maximum by projects and intended to establish ” the proof of the concept ” of the project with the diverse points to deepen on the economic technical and legal plans

2. Projects ” creation development ” endowed with 450 k€ (*) maximum by projects in which the proof of the concept is established and who can give rise, at short term in a new business start-up.

(*) amounts for 2009 – 2012

Dev-Help accompanies since 2007 companies in the assembly of these files and carries a focus importing on aspects Business Model and Business Plan which are fundamental aspects of an innovative project.