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Digital Experience


Digital Experience is a new paradigm which places the customer in the center of the relation with the brands and his ecosystem.

It allows the customer, on one hand, to improve its perception and its real-life experience of the brands and in the brands, on the other hand, to interact continuously with its customers and to gain customers loyalty. This immersive relation is understandable by the new possibilities offered by the all-digital: Web, mobile, social networks, connected objects.

The brands have to build continuous and seamless relationships of trust, whatever is the channel, the media or the used support. The digital experiment becomes ubiquitous and alive. it involves on the accessibility, the experiential pleasure and the performance of the interfaces.

  • Customer Intelligence and Digital CRM
  • Digital Business (Omni canal, storytelling, social)
  • Strategy and Digital Performance of opened up analyses and KPI multicriteria)

We accompany companies in the development and the broadcasting of the digital experiment to strengthen the commitment of their customers and revitalize their sales.


Digital Performance


The Digital Performance answers the need for the companies to optimize the efficiency of their digital ecosystems on the whole value chain: since the acquisition of the audience up to its development of customer loyalty for commercial purposes or marketing. This competency leans strongly on two pillars, tools and methods of testing, as well as those of Web Analyses to allow the measure and the piloting of the Digital Performance.

User oriented, agile in terms, these methods are in the service of the profitability of the committed actions and the valuation of the brand equity.

  • Ensure the performance of the digital mix: Reducing costs of acquisition, limitation of the customer attrition, etc.
  • Ensure the performance of the interfaces: Up Selling, Cross Selling, limitation of the rates of bounce, improvement of the rate of transformation.
  • Define performance indicators, understand and measure the stakes.
  • Pilot the performance: define the KPI and calculate the ROI.
  • With a know-how organized around Data and the Digital, Dev-help puts the data at the heart of the understanding and of the control of the digital ecosystem of your brands.

Ergonomic and functional design


Realization of personae on the basis of analyses of environmental, behavioural data and from the definition of the customer’s objectives. Realization of routes (Subway Map) for the identification of the points of convergence. Realization of wireframes and commented and interactive functional prototypes allowing the precise definition and contextualised of the digital interfaces. The prototype can also serve as support of test.

  • Realize personae
  • Implementation of the Subway Maps
  • Develop an annotated functional prototype
  • Improve the usability of your web, intranet sites or applications
  • Design a new interface in the context of a complete overhaul

Graphic creation, Web and Mobile development


Creation of interfaces on the basis of wireframes and functional prototypes.
Creation of editorial contents and\or media. Creation of e-pub formats.

  • Create the static graphic models
  • Integrate Responsive and Adaptive Designs
  • Develop Storyboards
  • Link the languages HTML5/CSS3, Web of type JS, PHP/MySql, Node JS
  • Set up Frameworks and CMS (Symfony 2, Drupal, WordPress)
  • Ensure the mobile application development Objective C, Swift, Java …