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Help to the choice of technology solutions


Let us remind first of all that an IT tool has sense only if it is in support of a process of the company.

First it is necessary to define the need before issuing in one call for tenders of technological solutions of CRM, Archiving, EDM(ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT), or other product more trade-oriented.

With more than 25 years of sale and implementation of solutions or products of the market Dev-Help developed within its cabinet a methodology, said of the ” Circles of Convergences ” allowing:

1/to encircle the needs for the company

2/to accompany it in the choice of solutions of the market



Assistance with contracting and project ownership


Project ownership versus project management; opposing them or reconciling them?

If these terms are well known of the BTP(BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS) and the administrations, they are not positioned still well for a large number of companies for their computing

Let us remind in a sentence that it is the Contracting authority (MOA) which is the customer (and thus which pays) the Project manager (MOE) which realizes the object of the order.

It can become more complex if an IT department (project manager generally) of a company X, within the framework of an internal project, order services to a third company (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY). The D.I. becomes then “a client”(“a contracting authority”) versus the SSII(SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY) and the real project ownership of X (customer interns of the DI) is ruled out (de facto or involuntarily) choices which return to him in the project.

In fact DI is good MOE and the SSII delegated MOE.
It can be desirable that the MOA also is attended to restore the balance of the strengths; it is the role of the AMOA, Project ownership assistance.

Due to the history (21 years at IBM) of his founder, Dev-Help knows well 2 jobs and had several times the opportunity to insure the role of AMOA



Alignment of the Information system


Computer system or information system? The confusion between both can be weak or important according to companies and its management is often made by the same direction, but one thing’s for sure:

The information system must be aligned on the strategy of the company

Let us answer simply the first question, the computer system is, well on, the technical declension of the information system but not its constraint.

ERP, CRM, produced house and others are not “to structure” the strategy of the company, as we notice it too often, but to ” align ” itself with this strategy and facilitate the implementation

Resting on numerous years of experience within IBM business Consulting cabinet we propose you a Project ownership assistance which has to be the relay of the head office for the best success of the big projects of information system of the company.


Transitional management


A number of companies have important needs for skills targeted in their management team but sometimes for duration limited (hiring long current, intern promotion planned with preliminary training, temporary project etc.)

By proposing you part-time missions and on durations adapted to your needs, Dev-Help and his partners can propose you this ” Transitional management ” for missions of:

  • Sales management
  • Marketing department
  • IT department
  • Project ownership management
  • Project Management

Executive Board / Governance

You are at the head of company which is in a process of far-reaching change?

Your market is subjected itself to big social or environmental economic changes?

You need an external eye to advice and assist you?

Dev-Help can bring you this support in domains, exercised for 25 years by his founder, such as:

  • Governance of the company
  • Reorganization of the commercial teams
  • Marketing and commercial strategy
  • IT efficiency
  • Implementation of the technical and/or competitive watch
  • Search for subsidies
  • Etc…